Business Coach for Musicians Jennifer Rosenfeld presents…

An Exclusive, 3-Day Virtual Live Event 

6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive

Where high level musicians, educators, and coaches discover how to make more money than they ever have, using their unique brilliance

Business Coach for Musicians Jennifer Rosenfeld presents…

An Exclusive, 3-Day Virtual Live Event 

6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive

Where high level musicians, educators, and coaches discover how to make more money than they ever have, using their unique brilliance

Future Dates TBD


These Musicians Have Created NEW Income Streams Outside of the "Traditional" Path -

Attend this Virtual Event, and You'll Be Able to Do the Same…  

COVID-19 has Shattered Whatever Financial Stability Many Musicians Thought They Had.

But the excruciating insecurity of being faced with canceled performances, waiting for that email saying you've been let go, with no plan B lined up, doesn't need to be your reality. 

You don't have to...

  • Anxiously wait for venues to re-open, only to be let go a couple of months later (arts organizations are more broke than you are) 
  • Risk your and your family's health, so you can continue to receive a paycheck
  • Wonder whether your employer is deliberately creating a frustrating work entice you to quit or retire early (and ultimately, replace you with someone they can pay less)
  • Reduce your rates because you think teaching online has to be cheaper (did you know several of my clients have made 6-figures the moment they took their expertise online?) 

The fact is...

Everyone knows musicians have a shelf life (some more than others).  And with theaters and orchestras sucking you dry (and spitting you out), we've come to expect little. The bar is set so low. 


You deserve better. 

There's NO REASON to tell yourself you're about to expire, missing out on what was supposed to be the peak of your career. 

There's so much more to you. 

There's so much more to have and experience. 

You can have the joy. 

The recognition. 

The massive impact through your art. 

AND… you can have the money. 

More than you'd EVER made doing what you're doing now (even if you were to "guest" everywhere, which you won't). 

The real question?

If YOU could create a roadmap to $100,000 of income that's not dependent on performances/traveling happening at all, using your unique knowledge and expertise...

...would you give yourself that chance?

Or, would you continue to

  • Dream about “life before COVID-19”...when you suffered through the hamster wheel of gigs and teaching, desperately trying to avoid burnout (who are you kidding)?
  • Feel so depressed about your financial situation - you're paralyzed by fear, "doomscrolling" on social media for hours (hours you could've spent practicing, incubate your big artistic idea, develop new skill sets and strengthening your network)?
  • Settle for being chronically underpaid for the work you do (teaching, performing, etc.) - while knowing that you are one of the best in your field?

The Music Industry has changed in an instant...

And YOU, have a choice to make:

Option #1: Accepting the status quo

Go into real estate maybe? Or wait it out (and watch any savings you had evaporate within the next few months), *hoping* that everything will just go back to normal… eventually (it won't, and "normal" wasn't a pretty picture now either, was it?!) 

Option #2: take action

And discover the path to multiple income streams you can count on - no matter the economic landscape (I know it might sound out of reach right now, but keep reading) and paving a new path for the future of music, and music education (do what you wished the generation before you had done for you, instead of leaving a broken system).

The decisions you make now will define what your life looks like in 6-12 months...

(and not just your life, but the lives of future generations of musicians, heck the future of music) what's it going to be?

This moment has made it abundantly clear that relying entirely on performance income is NOT a path to financial stability.

And here’s the truth:

It never was. 

Things won’t just “go back to normal” post quarantine. Every country will likely be facing the economic ripple effects of COVID-19 for at least another year (probably longer).

And even if things sort of do go back to normal...income from performances will remain a fragile, unreliable source. 

So why rely on that ever again?

“I thought that I could only earn money by performing.

When Jennifer and I started working together I had a total mindset shift. I realized 'Oh my gosh, there’s so much more. I have knowledge, I can pass on that knowledge, and people would totally benefit from that knowledge.'

This year with the launch of my program I’ve made €65K, which is double the annual income I make as a singer. And the future is wide open. I have the feeling there’s so much more out there.

I feel so much more calm about my life, more secure and stable, and so much happier.” 

Sandra Janke Mezzo-Soprano, Oper Leipzig
Business Mentor for Singers

Behind the scenes: I helped Sandra identify her niche (aka the type of client she wanted to serve) and she started sharing her message of how she could help singers create new career opportunities. Within weeks, she had paying clients - who had experienced amazing results from working with her.

I promise you, there is another way.

My clients are proof of that.

My clients have all been impacted by COVID-19 cancellations - they are performers, university professors, business owners - and many are now homeschooling parents.

They have also had their performance-based income streams impacted by COVID-19 cancellations.

But they feel safe, optimistic, and ready. 

Because they have new income streams in place that are working - and they know how to monetize their expertise (in an ethical and useful way)

My clients are saying things like:

"I feel prepared"

"I know I'll be ok"

"I'm so grateful I've been working on my business for months BEFORE this happened - because I have plans in place"

"Thank goodness I have the support of this community right now."

If you know in your heart,  “I have SO much experience and knowledge to offer, I should be earning more than what I was making before coronavirus!” 

...then the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive is for you, teaching you exactly how to take the years of expertise you’ve been cultivating and turn it into the financial engine that will get you earning again right now and for the future.

"Jennifer encouraged me to take what I already had, and use it to create something where I can have a much higher impact with fewer people.

It’s something I’ve never considered before!  For the first time in years, I'm starting to see my bank account grow which feels really empowering and amazing. And this is just the beginning. I feel like the sky has opened, and there’s just so much more potential!”

Paula Dreyer
Pianist, Composer, and Creator of Little Gems for Piano

What is happening in the industry is NOT in your control. 

But what is in your control?

  • Creating new financial opportunities (that are not dependent on getting booked for performances, and can be cancelled with no guarantee of being re-booked)
  • Becoming an empowered business owner (who knows exactly how to make money - even if the idea of creating something financially successful feels like an insurmountable task right now, and possibly out of your league)
  • Monetizing your expertise and skills to help students and clients who would benefit tremendously (world wide, on your schedule, and paying you whatever YOU decide) 

Enter the ideal setting to discover a new path to income and fulfillment that you’ve NEVER considered before…

…like enrolling students and clients for a $5,000 package (whereas you previously charged $100/hour), watching your clients get 10x the results, and being approached for guidance by clients and students you are so excited to support.

(Yes, this is possible - even in this environment)

Future Dates TBD


I help top musicians create incredible businesses that have a massive positive impact on their students...AND their own lives.  

I’m Jennifer Rosenfeld, business coach to top classical musicians, educators, and arts leaders. 

I’m also a writer and composer myself.  

I’ve helped clients create over $100,000 in NEW money in a matter of months.  

Like double bass virtuoso Lauren Pierce, whose bass solo repertoire coaching program earned her $96,000 in December 2019

Or cellist Kate Kayaian, whose Virtual Cello Summer Festival and Bridge Online studio brought her over $100,000 in the span of 3 months - much more income than she would have earned from the spring concert tour she had to cancel.

In addition to helping my clients, this is the exact strategy I’ve applied successfully to my own career in order to achieve the time and money I needed to pursue the artistic projects that were calling to me. 

Like writing my first full-length musical and getting back into choral composing.  

And, I am NOT about choosing between financial stability or creative fulfillment...I want BOTH! Having a well-designed business makes that totally possible. 

And in the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive, you'll get:

 The $100,000 Business Roadmap (so you can build the financial foundation that's been missing from your life)

"Sounds great Jennifer...but how do I know this isn't a fairy tale?"

Here is why you should trust me:  

  • I have a proven track record of helping musicians significantly grow their income doing work they love
  • My clients are GRAMMY® Award winning performers, tenured university faculty, members of major symphony orchestras, singers with top opera houses.
  • I've consulted for and taught at major universities and conservatories (like Stanford University and the Peabody Institute of Music) on music entrepreneurship and organizational change. 

But most of all - as a musician and creative myself, I needed a career model that would enable me to pursue my artistic dreams full force - so I created one! And that's what I'll be teaching you.

"Before I met Jennifer, I'd grown a significant audience but I hadn't yet figured out how I could monetize.

Now, it’s night and day compared to where I was a year ago. 

Working with Jennifer took me from not making money, and not knowing HOW to make money, to having complete clarity around it and making a solid income.

My business has enabled me to have so much freedom in my life, financially, and professionally. I don’t have to hope that someone hires me – I can create something anytime I want. 

Joining the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur was 100% the best decision I ever made, without a doubt.”

Tracy Friedlander
Host, Crushing Classical Podcast
Audience Building Expert

Behind the scenes: I helped Tracy discover the expertise she already had (creating a highly successful podcast) but didn’t know how to monetize. Once she learned how to integrate her expertise into her existing content, she was able to attract higher paying clients than she ever had before.

In the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneurship Intensive, I'll be debunking some of the biggest myths that have passed for way too long as "solid career advice" in classical music:

1 . Your dream is to earn your entire income from performing? THINK AGAIN.  

COVID-19...need I say more?

But pandemic aside. Relying entirely on performance income is one of the worst financial strategies that musicians pursue. Think about it - when you’re 65, are you going to want to perform 80 concerts a year? On the road? Do you currently want to perform/travel that much?  

Musicians - even at the highest level - are doing their current and future selves a massive disservice if they are relying 100% on income from performances.  

The antidote? Design other income streams that are a delight for you to deliver and that allow you to work from anywhere (you can even wear your pajamas...sometimes). 

2. Your teaching income is capped by your hourly fee. NOPE.  

The solution to the ideal career business model is about getting beyond hourly teaching in your pricing...and in terms of the results you help students achieve in this area.

3. Student success depends on how much time you spend with them.  

Are weekly private lessons burning you out? Let me show you another way...

My clients work with highly motivated students and design innovative teaching structures that optimize student learning and results. It’s not about the time spent! 

"Since I started working with Jennifer my visibility, impact, and income as a coach have just blown up. 

With her support, I’ve launched multiple programs that are not only impactful for my financial situation, but also really helping people in a big way. During the pandemic I booked $106,000 of new work which is unbelievable. I’ve created a new career for myself.

Choosing to work with Jennifer is one of the best decisions I ever made."

Christopher Still
Second Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Founder, Honesty Pill Inc

Behind the scenes: Once we began working together, Chris decided to re-orient his business away from short online courses and towards high-touch coaching programs for small groups of clients. The result? His clients have achieved powerful results through his direct mentorship - and Chris’ business is much more profitable and fulfilling.

Whether you are a performer, composer, professor, or arts the end of the 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive, you'll walk away with...

  • Your personalized $100,000 business roadmap
  • A marketing strategy that you can implement immediately (let’s get you those awesome students/clients!)
  • The skills to enroll students through meaningful conversations
  • An inspiring network of colleagues (aka your new best friends)

(Yes - all of this and more in a 3 day virtual experience)

"I launched my new online school for harp improvisation and ran three major programs in 2019.

Before working with Jennifer, I was frustrated with my teaching situation. I worked too many hours with students who were not the perfect fit for me. I wanted to switch to online teaching, but didn't know where to start.

Jennifer helped me find several new ways of working with students I would never have thought possible.

Working with Jennifer has been one of the greatest investments and biggest transformations in my career and I am so excited to continue this path of professional, personal and financial growth."

Nicole Müller, Harpist

Behind the scenes: Nicole learned how to become visible online, create an audience for her teaching, and master the technology of delivering harp improvisation programs online. As she began enrolling students in new ways (selling packages rather than hours) - she has discovered her desire to expand the scope of her services to also include career and project development coaching for musicians.

3 Day Online Event

2021 Dates TBD


How will the event work?

The 6 Figure Musician Entrepreneur Intensive will take place via Zoom.

This won't be your regular Zoom meeting. In this highly experiential intensive, you'll develop close bonds with your colleagues and get personalized attention from each of the coaches.

And don't worry, you'll have time for meal, snack, and stretch breaks so you don't turn into an internet zombie.

What is the cost?

Regular price is $497.

Do I need to have a business idea already?

Not at all. As long as you know you can help others through your knowledge or expertise - I'll help you connect the dots to a workable business idea (and a strategy to execute).

I'm not tech savvy. Is this still for me?

As long as you can use basic technology (Zoom, Facebook, Google Drive, etc) and know how to google things, you'll totally be able to take your teaching or coaching online.

Do we get personal feedback from you?

Yes! This intensive will feature workshopping and Q&A time where I can respond to your questions. You will walk out of the experience with new skills and with a plan to implement.

Will there be a recording afterwards?

Yes. The sessions will recorded and you will have access to them after. But you will definitely want to show up live to get the full experience!

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