If turning your expertise into a highly profitable teaching or coaching business would change your life... 

...then this is for you!


If turning your expertise into a highly profitable teaching or coaching business would change your life... 

...then this is for you!


Jennifer Rosenfeld

Invites you to join:

6-Figure Musician Entrepreneur

6 Month Experience, starting September, 2020


Payment Plan Available.

Whether you already have an established teaching or coaching practice that you want to scale to new heights…

...OR you are at a career transition and looking to introduce a new dimension of your expertise to the world:

Inside this 6-month experience you’ll discover exactly how to structure your teaching or coaching business to have reliable 5-figure months.

(that's right, you bring your area of expertise, I give you the strategies and support you need to make $10,000/mo or more, EVERY MONTH!) 

"Jennifer transformed my teaching career.

The launch of my Virtuoso Master Course program brought in $106,000. Now I’m able to work with many more people on a close and ongoing basis. I can have a bigger impact on their playing and on the role of the violin in their lives."

Nathan Cole First Associate Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic Violin Teacher at natesviolin.com 

By classical music standards, you’ve “made it”...

whether that means:

  • Achieving success as a performer touring 80+ dates a year
  • Establishing yourself as a thought-leader in the field
  • Securing tenure in an orchestra or a university teaching job
  • Running your own festival, ensemble, or non-profit
  • A leadership role at a major arts institution
  • Having a full schedule of commissions
  • Landing a fest contract in Europe
  • Building a significant online following with your entrepreneurial activities

And still, you wonder...is this it?

Even if you’ve fully arrived in the career you spend years fighting so hard for?  

It might feel like it’s been a while since you pursued something with the excitement and vigor that once drove you to the point you’re at now.  

What if there was more out there for you? 

Opportunities you haven’t yet considered that would be so fulfilling and impactful...AND for the first time ever, wildly profitable.  

By becoming a confident business owner and using online tools to grow an audience for your expertise, you’ll experience a whole new reality. 


  • Working fewer hours but seeing your students and clients get even better results
  • Codifying your brilliance so that you don’t have to repeat the same concepts lesson after lesson
  • Working with higher level students and clients who are so motivated to follow your guidance to the T
  • Being so widely recognized in your field for your unique expertise that dream opportunities flood your way
  • Gracefully earning $10,000/month (or more) without constantly scrambling, skipping lunch, and collapsing out of exhaustion at the end of the day
  • Sick days no longer costing you money or putting you in a hopeless backlog of work
  • Having a global impact through your expertise, reaching students and clients around the world who would otherwise never have the chance to work with you!

"The day she became my coach, Jennifer said to me, 'I’m determined to get you a financial win, Lauren' — and that is exactly what she did.  

Jennifer encouraged me to think of new ways to serve my audience and have a bigger impact through my teaching. The result was launching a 6 month program online double bass program. Through this program I earned nearly $100k.  

If not for Jennifer, I might have never experienced the confidence I have in myself now. " 

Lauren Pierce Double Bass Soloist and Educator 

When you run your business with the same authority and intuition you bring your artistic work, you'll discover a new dimension to your creativity and your ability to have a lasting impact.

You’ll also look at your artistic career with a new perspective, once you realize that you have complete power to choose what opportunities to take or create. 

You can start turning down the offers that you accept out of obligation and fear, and only pursue projects that wholeheartedly inspire you.  

As in, being able to make $100,000+ without having to be on the road all the time, suffer through 80 hour work weeks, sacrifice all your nights and weekends, and continue living with constant fatigue, on the edge of burnout.  

More time for your family, for your health, for open creative space, and for the deeply meaningful projects that, for once, simply do not need to make money.  

If you know, deep down, that what you have to offer the world is not in alignment with how much you currently have to work and what you are getting paid...then keep reading. 

This is your opportunity to discover the exact strategies I used to build a multi-six figure coaching business that serves musicians, professors, and arts non-profit leaders - AND how I help clients do the same.  

I WANT THAT! BOOK A CALL! (and discover if this is for you)

"Before I started working with Jennifer, I believed that making money was something others could do but not me. Seven weeks into the program I was able to hit my first-ever 5 figure (€10,000) month in my life. I can’t believe that this happened - it feels like magic."

Sandra Janke Mezzo-Soprano, Oper Leipzig Career Coach for Singers

I’m taking a handful of highly motivated musician entrepreneurs under my wing who are ready to create a NEW 6 figure income through their teaching or coaching. You’ll get my full support over the course of 6 months as I show you how to create….

Phase 1: Clarity & Structure

I’ll help you design the optimal business structure that fits your expertise, aligns with your goals (time and money), and that best serves your audience.  

Whether you are just transitioning from hourly teaching into packages (you should!), or wondering how to monetize your loyal following, I’ll help you create find your fastest path to clients in your new business model.  

You’ll also learn the most essential business fundamentals that will make everything flow so you can attract clients right away. I promise, you did not learn this in school - and not on the internet either! 

Phase 2: Business Development

Next, we get serious about building a business development practice that is reliable and repeatable. We will go deep into your sales process so that you become a master of drawing ideal clients into your world. This phase is all about getting your solid financial foundation into place.  

From finding the words to speak to your audience, to initiating conversations, to enrolling students and clients into your work, you’ll learn my A to Z process for how to build a highly impactful business through meaningful connection.  

You will be amazed to discover just how transferable these skills are to all facets of your artistic career! 

Phase 3: Align with your Artistry

For any of us artists, musicians, creators - our business is typically just one facet of what we do. In fact, most of us have a creative practice that truly makes our soul sing.  

Having a business is not about segmenting your life into disparate parts, but creating a cohesive whole that flows together.  

Creating cohesiveness around all facets of your professional identity is the winning strategy for building an audience and community that supports you across your projects. This is the vantage point from which we approach “marketing.”  

We will use my signature strategy for aligning your business with your broader creative goals so that you are fully living your values on all fronts. 

Phase 4: Getting it Done

With all the essential pillars in place, I support you in implementing all the strategies in order to drive the financial results you are seeking.  

You’ll have my guidance as you handle negotiations, conversations, and even working with your first new clients.  

As you continue getting into a regular practice in running your business, I promise you will have questions...and I will be here to advise you.  

The result? You’ll enter 2021 with an entirely different career landscape, solidly on the path to your 6 figure business.  

"Choosing to work with Jennifer is one of the best decisions I ever made.  

She helps me see possibilities and options that I would have never discovered on my own.  

Through her training and her own personal example, she shows me how to be a more impactful coach for my clients, with less busywork. From technology to psychology, Jennifer is a master at helping musicians fulfill their potential."  

Christopher Still Second Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic Founder, Honesty Pill Inc, Online Courses for Musicians 

When you feel empowered as an artist AND business owner, you’ll experience more impact and opportunity on every front - in your business and in your artistic career!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Reliable 5-figure months - imagine how awesome that would feel!
  • Heightened energy and creativity as you build your business
  • Feeling the significant impact of your work on your ideal client
  • Inspiring your audiences with ideas and thought leadership
  • More confidence in all facets of your professional life
  • Transforming the lives of your clients/students  

"Before I met Jennifer, I'd grown a significant audience but I hadn't yet figured out how I could monetize. 

Since working with her, I've owned my expertise and found the power to create the income that I want. I’ve turned down work that isn’t aligned and can now communicate what I do to my audience - and get clients! I've experienced so many major transformations in just 4 months. Now I see the vision for the life I want as being possible."

Tracy Friedlander Host, Crushing Classical Podcast, Audience Building Expert

Hey there,  

I’m Jennifer Rosenfeld, business coach to top classical musicians, educators, and arts leaders.  

I’m also a writer and composer myself.  

And I help top musicians create incredible businesses that have a massive positive impact on their students...AND their own lives.  

I’ve helped clients create over $100k in NEW money in a matter of months, working less than 10 hours/week.  

How do I know this is possible? In addition to helping my clients, this is the exact strategy I’ve applied successfully to my own career in order to achieve the type of balance I wanted for my creative projects.  

Here’s what my life looks like:

  • I’m working on my big dream creative project (writing a musical!) and I get to do it how and when I want. 
  • I spend 15-20 hours a week (typically 3 weeks per month) coaching clients I adore and doing business development activities
  • My business provides a generous income to fund my life (including those bimonthly massages), AND my artistic projects
  • I take extended vacations several times a year...because why not?

While I am an artist at heart, I love business because it is one of the primary avenues through which I can have a big impact on people’s lives. 

I am NOT about choosing between financial stability or creative fulfillment...I want BOTH!

Having a well-designed business makes that totally possible.  

I’m here to teach you exactly how to build the financial foundation that supports your life AND enables your creative flourishing.  

Want to join me on this 6-month creative and entrepreneurial adventure? Here’s what you need to know.

  • It doesn’t matter where you are currently in your business (or if you don't even have one set up yet). All that matters is that you are committed to expanding your impact in a big way.
  • This group is not just about business, it is about going through transformation that empowers all aspects of your creative practice. Be ready to get real (in a safe and supportive environment).
  • With my expertise and experience, I can cut to the chase quickly to identify the strategy that will best suit your unique situation. But it’s on you to step up and take action.  

Make no mistake: reaching profitability in your business is a game-changer for your confidence and creativity that infuses all other aspects of your life and work.

You’ll get targeted trainings, direct support, templates, checklists, and strategies you need to build a profitable, impact-driven business that grants you ultimate creative freedom.

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 months of direct support - from me 
  • Incredible guest coaches to support you with your copywriting and communication skills
  • Private FB group with an active, supportive community
  • An international community of high-level colleagues who will become life-long friends
  • 12 High Impact Trainings
  • Bi-monthly zoom calls where everyone gets a hotseat
  • Accountability Partner
  • Ask the Expert Bonuses with my inner circle of coaches, mentors, and go-to experts that help me in my businesses 
  • A spot at my Los Angeles 6FME live event in the winter of 2021

"Before working with Jennifer, I was frustrated with my teaching situation. I worked too many hours with students who were not the perfect fit for me. I wanted to switch to online teaching, but didn't know where to start.  

Jennifer helped me find several new ways of working with students I would never have thought possible. With her help, I launched my new online school for harp improvisation and ran three major programs in 2019.  

Working with Jennifer has been one of the greatest investments and biggest transformations in my career and I am so excited to continue this path of professional, personal and financial growth."

Nicole Müller, Harpist